John Lyras Group


John Lyras Group consists of and is characterized by its three principal spheres of activity. These result in our continuous pursuit of excellence.

Import & Distribution of
Diamonds & Other
Precious Stones
Authorized Distribution for Greece
& Cyprus

 33 Metaxa Street - Florida Mall
Glyfada, Athens


Over 45 years experience in the diamond trade, and art of fine jewellery creation, 30 of which were in Johannesburg, South Africa, the land of gold & diamonds, and since then in Glyfada.

The second generation continues …

      • Diamonds Graduate (Gemological Institute of America)
      • Jewellery Designer (Gemological Institute of America)

The harmonious interaction among ourselves results in fine jewellery comprising precious stones of superior quality and value, and fair pricing.

When buying larger diamonds and coloured gems our Diamonds Graduate will advise you on making the best decision to suit your needs.

We are proud to be the first to bring moissanite created by Charles & Colvard to the Greek market. Opening up a new jewellery category with a stone whose historical origins may be traced to a meteorite, moissanite offers superb and lasting brilliance and is the ideal alternative to jewellery featuring large diamonds.

Whispers From Our Collection

The jewellery items featured on our site are just a sample of our vast selection of fine jewellery. Feel free to visit the John Lyras store in Glyfada to view our entire collection. You can also have something unique created exclusively for you by our jewellery designer and when buying a diamond our in-house diamonds graduate will advise you on making the decision to suit your needs.

We become our customers' jeweller of choice due to the high standards of service we've set for ourselves. The atmosphere in our store may be friendly and relaxed, however behind the scenes our experience, integrity and painstaking attention to detail are what ultimately make the difference.