A Man’s Guide to Buying Jewellery For Her

Why Jewellery Is a Magnificent Choice

Very few women can resist the appeal of jewellery. Given at the right moment, it will melt a woman’s heart. And you men have played on this weakness since the beginning of time.

Remember that giving jewellery is the most expressive way of paying her a series of compliments without uttering a word. All at once you’re saying she’s valuable, beautiful, essential to you, and someone you’re proud to be seen with.

As a token of your love, it’s the most romantic gift you can buy her, and marks your special moments, to be remembered and cherished for years to come.

You may not have chosen the piece she might have chosen for herself, but it says so much to her that you decided on jewellery for her. To a woman, even the simplest piece of jewellery is … special. You’ve moved beyond chocolates and flowers …

Buy the best quality you can afford, and especially when buying jewellery with diamonds and precious gems, bear in mind quality lasts and goes a long way in saying “You’re special”.

Be generous but spend what you feel comfortable with.

Espionage is Fun

If you’re going to surprise her, a little forethought is useful. Notice what jewellery she already owns, and listen for the subtle and expert hints she drops. “Did you see Athena’s earrings. They must have cost a fortune!” could be decoded as “I’d love a pair of earrings like those, except bigger…”

Does she wear soft colours or does she prefer striking and bold colours. Does she prefer modern, minimal lines, or does she prefer classical, or romantic motifs?

A pair of pearl earrings are soft and gentle, not to mention romantic, and  a must in every woman’s jewellery box.

If it’s colour she’s after, we’ll simplify what quality means in coloured gems : Not too light and not too dark. Intense, brilliant and free of dark spots, is top of the tops!

If you’ re still at a loss … few men have gone wrong with a diamond piece in white gold.

We haven’t forgotten that jewellery is fashion conscious. Fortunately for you men, the trends don’t change as quickly as they do for clothing, but you do want to make a choice that is expressive and current. Not a problem, at John Lyras we stay abreast of changes in colour preferences and offer what’s fashionable and fresh to the discerning eye. Sometimes a subtle change in craftsmanship can spice up even a classic!

If you really want to impress her, then work with John Lyras to create a unique piece of jewellery just for her. We’re up for the challenge and will work closely with you to make sure we express in form, what you imagine in thought. We can even remodel a piece of jewellery that’s been in your family for years, and you’ve decided it needs a new look.

Wedding anniversaries, the birth of a child, Christmas, or when life’s been good to you, an eternity ring or diamond stud earrings will signify your significant moments you share.

You may also choose a loose diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald, and have her choose the design she’ll love.

You can personalize your jewellery with custom engraving, and to make things care free, if she prefers something else, John Lyras will exchange the piece with something more suitable. So, gentlemen – jewellery it is!