Buying a Diamond

Diamonds have been the symbol of love and commitment for hundreds of years. Men and women in love have been drawn to the beauty of a diamond because of its unique brilliance. No two diamonds are alike, each being as unique as the partnership you are about to embark on, or your marriage that you have already established.

Two diamonds of equal size may look alike at first but may have very different values. The differences between them are subtle, and are due to the four characteristics (4C's) that determine the quality of a diamond.


Buying Pearls

buypearls1Treasure of the sea, queen of the ocean, since the dawn of civilization pearls have been dedicated to women. Over time they have become the symbol of purity. They begin their life in an oyster and are the only jewels that are best left in their natural state and do not require cutting or polishing. They are found in a range of colours - white, yellow, pink, gold and grey. There is still a great deal of confusion over pearls. Normally one distinguishes them as either real or fake, meaning that the real ones are those that are produced naturally by the oyster and the fake ones being those produced by man. This is a misconception.